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Here is the list of routines we will be taking to the Sioux City competition in April! 

We spent many hours looking over all of the many applications and having to make many hard decisions, and we appreciate that you respect our final decisions on this matter. We we will not accept phone calls, emails, or texts regarding these decisions. 

If your routine was not accepted for our competition in April, please feel free to reapply for our next competition. 

All routines listed below will be new routines unless if noted behind with a (redo).


Hannah C.

Paige J.

Sydney (redo)

Ava S. (redo)

Katelyn R. (redo)

Jinger N.

Carly D. (redo)

Charli (redo)

Michaela G.

Brooklyn V.O.(redo)

Trey P. 

Addy R.

Gretchen S.

Neave J.

Alivia J. (redo)

Leila T. (redo)

Leila T. (redo)

Diana T. (redo)

Sinay D.

Nayibe D.

Ellea P. (redo)

Haley D.G.

Abigail W. 

Aimee H. (redo)

Shelby H.

Sophie R. (redo)

Kenley K. 

Samantha G.

Georgie O. (redo)

Faith V.V. (redo)

Elsie O. (redo)

Maisie O. (redo)

Zach G. (redo)


Ava and Paige

Hannah and Anna

Katelyn and Kaylee (redo)

Charli and Paige

Anna and Aubren

Alivia and Carly (redo)

Jaiden and Rilee

Leila and Trey (redo)

Sydney and Elsie

Carly and Trey

Ahlya and Gretchen

Nayibe and Diana 

Brooklyn and Bree

Maggie, Ava, and Abigail

Claire and Aimee

Talula and Amaya

Faith and Zach (redo)

Claire and Berlyn

Georgie, Elsie, Maisie (redo)

Georgie and Faith

Group Routines:

Grace, Claire, Leila, Kaylee, Katelyn (redo)

Charli, Nayibe, Neave, Madison, Kenley (redo)

Carly, Alivia, Addy, Grace, Kaylee, Katelyn (redo)

Leila, Trey, Grace, Carly, Alivia, Faith, Addy, Paige, Georgie, Elsie, Gretchen

Maisie, Nayibe, Diana, Neave


2019-2020 Company Buddy List

The Senior and Pre-Senior Company dancers drew buddies out of a hat last week. :) Buddies are listed across from each other.  Some dancers have one buddy, and some have two.  Senior company dancers’ cell phone numbers are listed under their names, and moms’ cell numbers are listed for younger company dancers. A parent’s email address is also listed for each company dancer, as well as the dancer’s birthday. It’s going to be a great year!


Trey Peterson (Scott & Jana)             Nayibe Diaz (Bernardo & Jessica)

September 25, 441-4915                   August 5, 541-8650   


Sydney Wells (Steve & Jackie)           Allison Wallinga (Mike & Meagan)

April 29, 605-743-4049                      August 31, 395-1336            


Hannah Culpepper (Scott&Ginger) Melanie Wynia (Craig & Kay)

August 5, 463-2081                            October 6, 470-1399          


Tabitha Dalle (Chris & Ondrea)        Maggie Verschuure (Kevin & Kara)

August 7, 230-4829                            May 10, 441-6054         

Samantha Gaul (Mike & Leanne)     Maggie Andersen (Travis & LoriAnne)

October 1, 578-1715                          May 17, 540-6961       


Michaela Gray (Scott & Anne)           Aubrey Van Den Bosch (Kyle & Dawn)

September 26, 441-6216                   May 8, 737-7309


Hannah Lehman (Bob & Camille)    Claire Reiter (Justin & Hali)

February 1, 541-2151                        December 27, 660-0357    


Kinsley Rus (Greg & Jodi)                   Aubren Moerman (Eric & Rachel)

January 14, 541-7037                         August 3, 441-5067            


Ava Schmitz (Tom & Carrie)              Sophie Reiter (Justin & Hali)

January 23, 230-4633                         January 22, 660-0357                     


Kate Zwart (Brian & Jill)                      Bree Van Otterloo (Wade & Mollie)

May 13, 463-3629                               August 13, 449-7292                 


Katelyn Reuvers (Jill)                           Ellea Pulscher (Mike & Ethanie)    

February 16, 395-1311                       January 6, 605-310-8544 



Kaylee Van Den Berg (Mark & Melissa)    Alayla Lavender (Deryck & Alexandra)

May 9, 441-0504                                          November 10, 912-580-8081                      


Myka Schut (Greg & Erica)                 Ava Truesdell (Tom, Elizabeth)

October 25, 449-7072                        July 1, 230-0400-Elizabeth, 230-0597-Tom         ,


Karlie Van Schepen (Adam & Amy)  Abigail Kooima (Grant, Becky)

February 7, 470-6398-Amy                August 15, 541-7384


Sinay Diaz (Noe & Susy)                     Haley De Groot (Chad & Emily)

February 16, 441-5160                       December 10, 441-1194             


Claire Haack (Jim & Julie)                   Maria Bloom (Matt & Catherine)

January 10, 360-1490                         March 27, 515-468-0251 

Shelby Harper (Jaymie & Kelly)         Kenley Korthals (Joel & Katie Vis)

September 1, 463-2432                     August 13, 605-595-3297              


Grace Heimensen (Corey & Heather)    Madison Bosma (Matt & Bethany)

October 4, 261-1314                                July 18, 305-0009      



Aimee Hulstein (Mike & Pam)           Diana Trigg (Todd & Dawn)

September 17, 441-7855                   September 10, 441-0736       

Georgie Oedekoven (Matt & Molly) Maggie Kooi (John & Susan)

October 19, 560-6141-Molly             September 25, 451-8299       


Leila Trigg (Todd & Dawn)                 Carly Andresen (Doug & Jacy)

October 12, 441-0736-Dawn            May 23, 369-1655        


Brooklyn Van Otterloo (Wade & Mollie)      Abigail Wallinga (Mike & Meagan)

July 19, 449-7292-Mollie                                February 14, 395-1336           

Berlyn De Wit (Joel & April)     Carly Dunn (Dan & Dana)       Demi DeJong (Michael & Jenna)

October 8, 739-0061-April       March 14, 441-9158                August 3, 344-7700       


Faith Van Voorst (Jason & Sarah)    Taryn Knobloch (Ty & Mel)

November 15, 441-7501                   May 8, 441-6821  


Gretchen Stratman (Sheri)               Ahlya Diaz (Noe & Susy)         Rylie Middle (Brittney)

September 30, 461-2684-Sheri        January 19, 441-5750             December 26, 605-951-4662   


Summer Borchers (Carey)               Amaya Vande Vegte (Amy)    Halle Millard (Lindsay)

August 5, 463-2082-Carey               May 17, 441-2146-Amy           May 4, 574-5532          


Paige Johnson (Erin)                          Addison Pfingsten (John & Lindsey)

September 26, 605-670-2702          November 4, 470-5043      

Elsie Oedekoven (Matt & Molly)      Stella Schmidt (Drew & Kelly)

February 21, 560-6141-Molly          December 2, 319-541-2874  


Addison Rozeboom (Brian & Nicole)   Sarah Winters (Curt & Samira)

February 7, 540-7658-Nicole                August 16, 451-8171    


Jaiden Griffioen (Jamie & Sherry)    Charli Clabaugh (Travis & Missy)

February 24, 441-5573-Sherry         May 20, 223-3564   


Jinger Nieuwenhuis (Jen)                    Emma Sandbulte (Jen)   Neave Johnson (Michelle)

January 12, 957-3004                           July 26, 441-0565             July 23, 605-321-7393


Alivia Johnston (Dave & Melissa)     Rilee Kooima (Dean & Jill)

Sept. 28, 420-5803-Melissa              March 20, 548-7943


Talula Serck (Matt & Heather)          Mary Oedekoven (Matt & Molly)

January 7, 451-8937                           September 4, 560-6141   


Jaiden Kooima (Dean & Jill)               Anna Oostenink (Dorinda)

May 9, 360-0755                                 January 4, 470-5649               


Zachery Gaul (Mike & Leanne)         Alexis Zwart (Brenda)

August 15, 578-1570                         December 30, 551-7174       


Here is the list of routines we will be taking to the Omaha competition in November! 

Thank you to all the dancers who applied. Please keep in mind that we received a record number of applications this year and we were unable to accept so many of them. 

We spent many hours looking over all of the many applications and having to make many hard decisions, and we appreciate that you respect our final decisions on this matter. We we will not accept phone calls, emails, or texts regarding these decisions. 

If your routine was not accepted for our competition in November, please feel free to reapply for our next competition. 




Grace H

Hannah C.

Ava S


Ava T

Michaela G




























Hannah C/Anna O


Shelby, Leila, Trey












Little Bird

Shake Break Bounce

Katelyn, Kaylee, Grace, Carly, Addison, Alivia

Charli, Madison, Kenley, Nayibe, Neave

Addy, Alivia, Carly, Faith, Paige

Pass that Dutch or Livin La Vida Loca

Michaela, Hannah C, Kate, Lauren


Thank you to all who auditioned for the 2019-20 RSD Company, as well as participated in our annual summer intensive. As a staff, we were very pleased with our students’ hard work at the intensive and look forward to witnessing their continued growth throughout the upcoming dance season. 

Here are this year's RSD Company Groups!

“20/20 Vision: Looking Ahead and Moving Forward”



Demi DeJong  

Taryn Knobloch  

Rylie Middle 

Halle Millard 

Addison Pfingsten 

Stella Schmidt                                                                                Sarah Winters 



Madison Bosma 

Charli Clabaugh 

Neave Johnson 

Rilee Kooima 

Aubren Moerman 

Maisie Oedekoven 

Anna Oostenink 

Allison Wallinga 

Alexis Zwart 

Abigail Kooima 



Maggie Andersen 

Carly Andresen 

Maria Bloom 

Haley De Groot

Nayibe Diaz 

Maggie Kooi 

Kenley Korthals 

Alayla Lavender

Ellea Pulscher 

Claire Reiter 

Sophie Reiter 

Diana Trigg 

Ava Truesdell 

Aubrey Van Den Bosch 

Bree Van Otterloo 

Maggie Verschuure 

Abigail Wallinga 

Melanie Wynia 



Summer Borchers 

Berlyn De Wit 

Ahlya Diaz 

Carly Dunn 

Zachery Gaul 

Jadin Griffioen 

Paige Johnson 

Alivia Johnston 

Jaiden Kooima 

Jinger Nieuwenhuis 

Elsie Oedekoven 

Addison Rozeboom 

Emma Sandbulte 

Talula Serck 

Gretchen Stratman 

Amaya VandeVegte 

Faith Van Voorst 

Senior Blue

Hannah Culpepper 

Tabitha Dalle 

Samantha Gaul 

Michaela Gray 

Hannah Lehman 

Kinsly Rus 

Ava Schmitz 

Karlie Van Schepen

Hannah Wiltgen 

Kate Zwart 

Senior Black

Sinay Diaz 

Claire Haack 

Shelby Harper

Grace Heimensen

Aimee Hulstein 

Georgie Oedekoven

Trey Peterson

Katelyn Reuvers

Leila Trigg

Kaylee Van Den Berg 

Brooklyn Van Otterloo 

Sydney Wells 

Robin's School of Dance -- 1602 1st Avenue Southwest, ​Sioux Center, IA 51250 -- (712)-441-4770

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