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Company Information


Company dancers, be sure to keep an eye on this page for important reminders and team updates--including this year's Company lists, handbook, competition resources, and extra routine applications! 

      2021-22 COMPANY CALENDAR              

      September 17-19, 2021             

      December 4-5, 2021           

      January 7-8, 2022                     

      January 30, 2022              

      February 6, 2022

      March 25-26, 2022

      March 28-31, 2022

      April 1-2, 2022

      April 8-9, 2022



      Alivia J.

      Anna O.

      Aubren M.

      Ava S.

      Ava T.

      Carly D.

      Charli C.

      Diana T.

      Ellea P.

      Elsie O.

      Emily D.J.

      Georgie O.

      Gretchen S.

      Haley D.G.

      Halle M.

      Hannah L.

      Kinsley R.

      Maggie K.

      Mary O.

      Nayibe D.

      Neave J.

      Paige J.

      Sam G.

      Sophie R.

      Taryn K.

      Zach G.


      Abigail K. & Madison B.     

      Alivia J. & Paige J.

      Anna O. & Aubren M.

      Ava S. & Georgie O.

      Ava T., Diana T., & Nayibe D.

      Carly D. & Elsie O.   

      Charli C. & Mary O.

      Charli C. & Nayibe D.

​      Elsie O., Georgie O., & Mary O.

      Emily D.J. & Georgie O.

      Georgie O. & Paige J.

      Haley D.G. & Maggie K.

      Hannah L., Sam G., & Tabitha D.

      Mary O. & Allison W.      

      Mary O. & Neave J.

      Neave J. & Rilee K.

      Sam G. & Zach G.



      Addi P., Anna W., Emma R., Rylie M., Stella S., & Taryn K.

      Addy R., Alivia J., Carly D., Elsie O., Georgie O., & Paige J.

      Diana T., Mary O., Nayibe D., & Neave J.

​      Ay, Caramba! (Wednesday MT Re-Do)

Mario Velez & Karina Erikson Workshop (@ RSD)

Sarah Fazio & Angie Sellers Workshop (@ RSD)

Company Sleepover (@ RSD)

Company Church Tour Performances (@ TBA)

Company Church Tour Performances (@ TBA)

Talent on Parade Competition (@ Omaha, NE; Optional)

Spring Break/Competition Rehearsals

GEMS Competition (@ Sioux Falls, SD; Required)

Dance Competition (@ TBA; Required)

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