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Robin’s School of Dance

Competition Company 2019-20: Solo/Duet/Trio/Extra Group Routine Application

All dancers interested in being considered for placement in a solo, duet, trio, or extra group routine during the 2019-20 dance season are required to attend the summer dance intensive on July 11 and 12 and company auditions on July 12. In order to apply, you must submit this form online by 11:59pm on Friday, July 12. The form will no longer be available after that date.

While, some dancers have taken the time to fill out this form completely and thoughtfully in the past, others have simply submitted a form that says “solo” or “duet with so and so.” We will no longer be accepting incomplete applications. Furthermore, due to the limited number of routines allowed per studio at competition, we will not be able to accept all routines. The thought put into your application will be taken into consideration when making acceptance decisions. 


**Please note that dancers will only be allowed one solo per competition. If you choose to re-do a solo previously performed at another competition, that counts as your one solo.

If numerous applications have the same dancers listed, we reserve the right to combine the routines to make small/large groups.

Performing a solo, duet, trio, or extra group routine is a time and financial commitment. The fees surrounding extra routine performances include the following:

** Competition Entry Fees - The solo entry fee paid to DanZa is approximately $100. Duets and Trios are $100-150 (per routine). Groups are $45-50 per dancer.

** Costume & Related Costs - Soloists have complete control over the amount of money they want to put into costuming. Duet, trio, and group performers must consult with their choreographer/teacher and dance partner(s). Catalog or store bought

costumes can range from $80-$100. Additional items like accessories, special shoes, etc., may also be needed.
** Choreography Fees - these cover approximately 4.5-5 hours of practice time scheduled in the summer or fall, all of the choreography time, and the editing of the music. The fees for choreography per dancer are as follows: SOLO - $265 plus tax, DUETS and TRIOS - $330 plus tax for the group, SMALL GROUPS - $395 plus tax for the group, LARGE GROUPS - $460 plus tax for the group. Dancers using choreographers outside Robin’s School of Dance (such as TAMJAMS) should expect higher choreography fees, as well as a studio fee for practice time.

** Rehearsal Fees/Studio Usage fees are included in the choreography fees explained above unless a student needs significant additional time (above and beyond the 4.5-5 hours of practice time) with the choreographer or practice time in the studio.

Financial commitment aside, the process of learning and performing a solo, duet, trio, and extra group routine is an invaluable experience. You will notice tremendous growth in your dancer’s technique, stage presence, and confidence throughout the process. Applying for extra routines does not guarantee that the dancer will be placed in every routine they wish. We will determine the best placement for each individual child based on their past attendance/performance record, behavior in class, and skill level. The instructors reserve the right to assign duet/trio/group partner(s), music selection, and dance style.

Please have your dancer complete the following form by July 12 for the Omaha competition and November 15 for the Minneapolis competition.

We ask that applicants answer ALL of these questions at the bottom of the form below. Please note that only complete forms will be accepted.

1.) Please discuss your performance this past dance year with regard to your attendance, promptness/preparedness for class and competitions, and performance on stage.
2.) Were you a good student/leader/team player this season?
3.) Did you follow the dress code and other rules and perform to the best of your ability?
4.) Explain why you should be considered to represent the studio as a solo, duet, trio, or extra routine performer during the 2019-20 season.

5.) Explain the goals you have as a dancer trying to obtain a solo, duet, or trio to perform.
6.) What are you going to work on in this next school year?

Please submit a separate form for EACH ROUTINE for which you would like to apply. Only submit group forms once everyone in the group has been contacted so that we know that they all would like to be a part of that particular routine.

Your extra routine application was sent successfully!

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